Heatstroke and COVID-19 保健センター



Heatstroke is caused not only when you are outside or play sports. It is caused even when you are inside in high temperature and high humidity. Please be careful.


Heatstroke occurs in the below weather and circumstances.

  • High humidity (→Sweat doesn't evaporate.)
  • Light wind (→It doesn't remove heat from the body.)
  • Exposure to the sun(→Body temperature rise.)


  1. Don't work or play sports for a long time in hot weather or indoors which is high temperature or high humidity.
  2. Drink water. (Sports drink is effective.)
  3. Take your temperature and check your health condition. Take a rest when you feel sick.
  4. Put on clothes which breathes well, hat and parasol when you go out.
  5. You need to ventilate by opening windows or using ventilator even when you are using air conditioner. In that case, please control the temperature by turning down the air conditioning etc because the temperature in the room tends to be high due to the ventilation.
  6. Take off your mask outside in the situation where you can keep adequate distance (at least two meters) away from others. If you wear mask, please avoid doing hard work or exercise that bear big burden for you, and also drink water frequently even if you are not thirsty. It is also necessary to take off your mask temporarily in the place where you can keep adequate distance away from other people, and take a rest.


  1. Feel dizzy, nausea
  2. Get a cramp in your calf
  3. Be faint (exhausted) and have no energy
  4. A lot of sweating
  5. Headache


You have to recognize heatstroke as emergency and cool body immediately.
If you have any symptoms suspected to get heatstroke, please take the following measures and contact to on-campus health care center (phone:0742-27-9138).
*Please contact to on-campus janitors’ room (phone:0742-27-9116) at night on weekdays (after 5:15 p.m.) and on holidays.

  1. Move to cool place
    Move to the shade or if possible indoors well air conditioned and take a rest with your clothes loosen.
  2. Cool body
    Cool body with cold water or ice bag
  3. Drink water including salt
    Drink sports water little by little many times. You can supplement water and salt lost by sweating.
  4. Call ambulance
    Call ambulance in emergency such as when you lose consciousness or you can't drink water by yourself etc.
  5. In all cases above, don't keep the patient alone. Please take care of him or her.

Heat stroke and COVID-19

Especially in this summer, we need to be careful about heatstroke while at the same time we have to take measures to prevent coronavirus infection. Thus, please be careful for heatstroke even more than usual.

Moreover, Mr.KASANAMI. a professor of NUE, made a short movie to study a prevention of and first response to the heatstroke. If you are a member of an atheletic club, watch it especially.


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

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Health Care Center - Nara University of Education
Student Affairs Section - Nara University of Education