Master's Course

Seeing Nara leads to seeing the world. And to know Nara is to know the world.

Field Work

Common Core Courses, Practical Core Courses, and Courses for deepening specialty all include a lot of fieldwork and field research that can only be done in Nara, such as in museums, research institutes, and schools.

For example, in the "Nara in the World: Knowing, Connecting, and Communicating Culture", we will deal with the following institutions:

  • Nara National Museum
  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine
  • Tenri City Kurozuka Kofun Exhibition Hall
  • Chogakuji Temple
  • Boku-un-do Co.
  • Nara City Sugioka Kason Calligraphy Museum
  • Koriyama Castle, Yanagisawa Library
  • Nara Prefectural Kokusai High School
  • Local Japanese language classes (We plan to conduct fieldwork and field research in areas such as learning support for children with foreign roots and places for children to interact with each other)

A place to learn from a global perspective

We provide a place to conduct research with a global perspective!

To date, more than 380 international students from 47 countries and regions have enrolled in our university, and more than 90 of them have conducted research in our master's program. Since 2008, we have been holding an international symposium on Baekje culture with Gongju University in Korea, focusing on Baekje and its culture, which had a close relationship with ancient Japan. Students who have completed the program have gained a great deal of learning from an international perspective at the university, and have gone on to higher education and employment, both in Japan and abroad, and are playing an active part in a variety of fields. In addition to classes and research, students are able to interact with Japanese students and experience Japanese culture through events organized by the Center for Intercultural Exchange and Studies.